A Royal Path to the Horses and to Comprehensive Success in Life.

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Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling:
A Holistic View for Comprehensive
Success in the Here & Now


The horse as medium and witness
of the authentic unity of body and soul, covered by one’s genuine purpose of life.

GermanyWas macht Klaus so einzigartig in der Pferdewelt? Erste Antworten und eine Einleitung auf deutsch.

Some introductory and welcome words:




Here is a brief video-introduction into the work and world of KFH:

Harmon 2Klaus
Hempfling is considered unique in the horse scene.

How does Klaus see and experience
his relation to life and horses?  

09. Dancing Without Horses - Heal Yourself Deeply 02 PICTURES 17-05-2016 brighterWe, the administrators of this website, are pleased to introduce you to one of the world’s most unique and successful 40horsemen and life-coaches.




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Here we are continuing with this question:

To whom does Klaus focus
as teacher and author?
Beginners and newcomers are absolutely welcome.

Klaus picks you up where you are right now, and he accompanies you as far as you like. Nothing is required. It is about the next steps. It is first about the general direction, which incorporates already the goal.

04-klaus-ferdinand-hempfling-the-kfh-way-libertyAt first Klaus is open for whatever kind of questions a client might have, regarding general coaching and teaching, horses or life itself. Followers of different riding styles, also beginners and newcomers are absolutely welcome.

03-klaus-ferdinand-hempfling-the-kfh-way-horses-natureIn his being as a professional consultant, Klaus sees himself as a sort of a calm lake, into which one throws a stone (questions, life-aims, individual teachings etc.). Without judging, he conveys the waves, that this stone provokes, in all conceivable patience.

Of course, Klaus lives in front of an authentic, nature-connected background. And of course, some life-perceptions are closer than others. So here are some answers concerning the question: Who might be in particular be  attracted to Klaus’s point of view concerning holistic life-success with or without horses?

01. website renovation 11-12-2015Those who seek the authentic, inwardly fulfilling experience.
Those who want to be motivated in the realization of their dreams and in turning to the spirited in themselves and in their horse as partner, medium and mirror – committed to their own destiny and all their possibilities.

Those who seek the real, not the illusions.
Those who seek genuine, self-sustaining self-consciousness creating collection of their horse, performed voluntarily by the free horse which is worked consequently from behind in unhindered, playful, highly motivated movement.

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“I have never seen a horseman like him.” Journalists opinion:

Pictogram Information 1 bearbHorse Transformations at Hartpury
HORSES FOR LIFE – Online Magazine
A professional journalist’s opinion for you:

Klaus riding Habanero - Habanero, Chief and Creak on pasture 01_FF_1Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling is not a «horsewhisperer», he does not appreciate roundpens, playing games, “sending away” or the so-called “join-up”. If anyone has the need to put a label on this man and what he does, then they’ll just have to go watch (even better, participate) and decide that for themselves. Personally, I have never seen a natural horseman like him.

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“What you may expect, if going to Klaus.” Client’s opinion:

Pictogram Information 1 bearbAfter the stay on one of our school farms, frequently we are asking our clients about their opinion, if everything has been running fine with their stay, food, accommodation etc. The last time we did ask Eva from Holland, she is a professional coach herself.
This was her answer:

It’s a life changing experience, in which you can find answers to all your questions about yourself, life, your work and your relationships with people or with horses.
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Please find here our latest newsletter:

2 February 2017:

Dear friend,
I do write to you myself today – (Klaus).
And this time it is a bit longer:

A few thoughts and suggestions about the situation of our time and also about changes in our company which are corresponding with the time at present. You will remember, that I wrote years ago about our present times using the picture of dark clouds rising – and they are getting more and more visible now for everyone.

Times are changing and it seems to be appropriate, to observe this changing consciously and with reason and to stay flexible oneself.

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HorseLand – The Movie,

For free on the internet

Welcome to the world of self-mastery, groundedness, connection and authenticity

02. website renovation 02 -c - J 20-05-2016This 90-minutes full movie will provide you with new pictures, a lot of explanations and a general covering bow concerning Klaus’ work and philosophy
It also will give you the chance to show this movie to friends, family and colleagues, to give them an entertaining and exciting insight into the path, you are following and you are interested in.
Please enjoy.

Long-term and very intensive: Be with a horse from a wild herd and form it together with Klaus.

04. Wild Horses 05-08-2016

Or we arrange a training in parts.

the Path towards Oneself
and the Wisdom of Nature

04-klaus-ferdinand-hempfling-the-kfh-way-libertyFriendship with the native. Becoming one with a horse from a wild herd.
Back to innocence and wisdom of nature. Your premium journey and adventure retreat.


An incredible adventure journey into the world of authenticity, genuine connectedness and practical personal development directly guided by KFH – with a wild, untouched horse that may be yours if you like, selected in accordance to your individual personality and necessities.

klaus-ferdinand-hempfling-your-initiation-journey1. The one year-option of the great Path:

You will find a young wild stallion together with Klaus and live with him one year in the KFH school-farm. After this year you may take this stallion with you home, if you like. Then it is yours. Or you leave him as a school-horse on the farm, with Klaus and his assistants, perhaps because you already do have horses at home. Together with Klaus and his assistants, you will train this young wild horse to become a riding horse and teacher in the sense of KFH and in according to his peaceful and earthed criteria.

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Horse-related questions directly to Klaus via phone (photos/video)

Pictogram tel 1 bearbEach horse is individual. What does this particular horse need? How to approach it in the best possible way?
The KFH Horse Characterization, general status-check and horse-buying-advice via phone
is based on your photos (5) or video and it is, in spite of the brevity, very comprehensive.

13It’s about the fundamental understanding of the horse’s nature, about genuine connection and communication. But it is also about general aspects of the keeping, the care for exactly this horse or about the feeding and questions concerning the horse’s health.

Booking button - 01Pictogram tel 1 bearb

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Klaus as special guest in your area or on your farm…

…among your horses and inside your individual sphere.
Watch Klaus working with your horses on your venue – your Horse in the Master’s Hand. Invite your friends, your colleagues, your guests.

Organize your own seminar or coaching session in your surroundings

Klaus is converting your horse into your personal teacher – facing your horses in their sphere. If you like – invite Klaus to your horses place and get an overall embracing check.

17. website renovation 02 -d 20-05-2016

With this offer you may realize a  direct access to Klaus’ teaching in your area. Maybe you are interested in organizing a seminar in your region, in your country.

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Overview about the 3 basic background themes of all KFH teaching:

05. website renovation 02 -b - 19-05-2016
02. Dancing Without Horses - Heal Yourself Deeply 02 PICTURES

1Body-Awareness – Physical Intelligence & Energy. This special, unique and in life proved KFH Body-Awareness-System is addressing everyone.
(Please read more)

2. Fundamental Life Principles. Spiritual awareness – understanding and tracking destiny and authentic life purpose, personal development, strength & energy. Coaching yourself and others.
(Please read more)

3. Authentic Leadership, Genuine Management and general Holistic personal and professional Success.
An important issue, not only for those, who are in positions of higher and highest responsibility, who must get things moving, supervise and instruct or who are coaches, therapists or consultants themselves.
(Please read more)

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0Pictogram tel 1 bearb045 61 34 79 49
0045 40 16 14 76.

KFH – unique horsemanship: You may visit Klaus with your horse on one of his school-farms…

…to experience the advanced development and the transformation of your horse into your teacher. Here some first information:

21. website renovation 02 -d 20-05-2016

(If you can’t come with your own horse, individually it can be arranged, that you’re working with a special selected one. Please contact us: Pictogram tel 1 bearb (0045 61 34 79 49 or 0045 40 16 14 76)

After a treatment from Klaus horses are changing deeply and profoundly. 

13. Hempfling - Horses and Life - The New DimensionAfter the meeting with Klaus: your own horse becomes your teacher for your individual continuation in your own speed, sphere and form.
An important addition of this program: A part of the client’s togetherness with the horse will be filmed and then thoroughly discussed and  compared.
The remaining time you may practice and meditate on your own – being with your horse, your thoughts and your personal development.

Our info-service: 0045 61 34 79 49 or
0045 40 16 14 76.

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The 7 basic pillars of the KFH-World…

 …regarding Klaus’ being with horses

Not only for newcomers:
Here for you a background-introduction to understand the horsemanship of
Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling

I63. Ferdinand Pictures for the Website 01-2015 720x405n this post we would like to provide you a short overview of the fundamental background-characteristics of Klaus’ understanding of horses (in life). We have been collecting information from many different original sources and Klaus has been so kind to review and approve it.

For each chapter we have been collecting a different number of suitable and explanatory clips for you to choose from. Please enjoy.

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… and all kind of horses

Regarding riding:
66. ECS 09-11Klaus is in general teaching his Body-Weight and Signal Riding System. This is based on the always loose rein and body weight signal communication from rider to horse, combined with uprightness and collection of the horse which is achieved mainly through the work on the ground before.

Nevertheless Klaus is of course helping his clients regardless of their riding style-preference. Klaus has been teaching also Olympic riders of different categories and also here his approach always has been revealing as helpful and beneficial. So all in all we definitely can say, that there are all horse-types and riding styles included in all our coaching- and seminar offers.

The Message from the Horse

Readers Reviews from Amazon

Success is a choice often hard-earned

By Thomy Threesocks on November 26, 2015

MessagefrmtheHorsesAfter reading and watching Klaus Hempfling for a while, it’s easy to start regarding him as having almost superhuman abilities. His impact on horses is so astonishing, and he speaks and writes on them with such authority and insight, that it seems he has always been, as a fortune teller once told him, “two-thirds horse!”

This book is an important reminder that Klaus is still very much human. When I look at Klaus today he seems to be a man in complete control of his own destiny, but he makes it clear in this book that there was once a time when he battled through dark episodes of uncertainty, self-doubt, self-pity, anger, anguish, despair and fear.

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